Who We Are

Worldwide Plastic Limited specialises in recycling plastic waste, we particularly source waste plastic in New Zealand, and organise sorting, regrinding and pelleting in Asian countries. 

Worldwide Plastic was founded by a expert management teams with over 15 years extensive experience and vast knowledge of recycling plastic, its headquarter is located in China, with a possession of distinctive machines and skilled workers, that enable us to handle a wide range of different polymers.

Worldwide Plastic Limited offer a solution to make a contribution to the environment, recycling waste plastic for reuse into new product to seek the highest pureness for the world.

Worldwide Plastic Limited is committed to sustainability, health, community and the environment friendly, our environment programs are supported by the advance technology of our machinery and an ongoing people development and understanding the mission of “Preserve, Protect and Clean up the Earth”.


  Protect, Preserve & Clean up the Earth

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